Friday, December 9, 2011

Siddhi: A Second Look at Complex Event Processing Implementations

Following slide deck presents Siddhi, a University of Moaratuwa final year project I worked with Suho, Isuru, Subash, and Kasun last year. Siddhi is a Complex Event Processing Implementation that incorporates most of the state of the art advances.

Siddhi: A Second Look at Complex Event Processing Implementations

We presented the Siddhi paper titled Siddhi: A Second Look at Complex Event Processing Architectures, in Gateway Computing Environments Workshop (GCE), Seattle, 2011 (Co-located with Super Computing 2011). Above slides provide an outline of our work.

Following three graph's shows some of the key results of the Paper. Other CEP engine is Esper, which is a well-known opensource CEP engine. In the given scenarios we did from about 0.3 times to 10 times better.

Query 1: Filter (select symbol, price from StockTick(price>6))

Query2: Window (select irstream symbol, price, avg(price) from StockTick(symbol=’IBM’).win:time(.005))

Query3: Followed by pattern (select f.symbol, p.accountNumber, f.accountNumber from pattern [every f=FraudWarningEvent2 -> p=PINChangeEvent2(accountNumber= f.accountNumber)])

Siddhi is currently being used by
  • Los Angeles Smart Grid Demonstration Project
  • It forecasts electricity demand, respond to peak load events, and improves sustainable use of energy by consumers.
  • Open MRS NCD module – idea is to detect and notify patient when certain conditions have occurred
Also likely that future WSO2 Complex Event Processing Server would also use Siddhi, yes that is if it can continue to do better. Siddhi code can be found from, and If you are interested to help, please join us at for discussions.

CSE 2011 Keynote: Distributed Systems: What? Why? And bit of How?

Last week I did the keynote for the Annual research conference of Computer Science and Engineering Department, University of Moratuwa, and following are the slides I used. I had to talked about distributed systems in 30 minutes, and it was a interesting challenge. I will write down some of the things I talked about soon, specially the timeline for some of the distributed systems technologies.

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