Thursday, March 26, 2009

Finishing My Thesis Defense

I finished my Thesis defense yesterday. But actually seems it is old news now :); most people already know through Dr. Sanjiva's Blog. I still have to do few additions and updates to the thesis, and we are planning to return to Sri Lanka when I am done. I will later post thesis, abstracts, and slides.

My topic is "Enforcing User-Defined Management Logic in Large Scale Systems". My adviser is prof. Dennis Gannon, and the rest of the committee are prof. Beth Plale , prof. Geoffrey Fox, prof. David B. Leake and Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarne. I would like to thank prof. Gannon and the rest of the committee whose insights and encouragements made this thesis possible.

Furthermore, I would like to heartily thank Dr. Sanjiva, first of all for convincing me to read for a Ph.D---as my friends know, I was pretty decided not to do one by my third year at Moratuwa--- and for his unceasing attention, help, and advice though years. If not for him, none of this would have possible. Also my heartfelt thinks go to my wife, Miyuru, my parents, and my bother, for their help and support.

All Six people who originally worked on Axis2 from LSF are in grad school (Jaliya, Ajith, Chathura, Eran, Deepal), and also there are many more who followed them (more detail here). We will see many Ph.Ds from these people soon. However, earning Ph.Ds will be only a small step towards where we want to go; there is lot of hard work ahead.

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