Sunday, August 2, 2009

ICWS Talk 1: Enforcing User-defined Management Logic in Large Scale Systems

Early July I presented two papers at ICWS, here is the first one. This is the base of my thesis.

Citation: Srinath Perera, Dennis Gannon, "Enforcing User-Defined Management Logic in Large Scale Systems," services, pp.243-250, 2009 Congress on Services - I, 2009


Abstract: The ubiquity of information technology, technological advances, and utility computing trends have motivated largescale systems, but managing and sustaining these systems is far from trivial. Automatic or semi-automatic monitoring and control are a potential solution to this problem. However, since management scenarios differ from system to system, a generic management framework that can manage a wide variety of systems should support user-defined management logic. This paper proposes a novel architecture that can manage large-scale systems according to user specified management logic that depends on both global and local assertions of the managed system. Furthermore, the paper demonstrates that despite having a global view of the managed system, a management framework can scale to manage most real world usecases.


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