Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Towards Improved Data Dissemination of Publish-Subscribe Systems

Last week I presented the paper Towards Improved Data Dissemination of Publish-Subscribe Systems at ICWS 2010. It is based on work done with Rmaith and Dinesh on improving WS-Messenger from Indiana as a part of Open Grid Computing Environment Project.

Abstract: with the proliferation of internet technologies, publish/subscribe systems have gained wide usage as a middleware. However for this model, catering large number of publishers and subscribers while retaining acceptable performance is still a challenge. Therefore, this paper presents two parallelization strategies to improve message delivery of such systems. Furthermore, we discuss other techniques which can be adopted to increase the performance of the middleware. Finally, we conclude with an empirical study, which establishes the comparative merit of those two parallelization strategies in contrast to serial implementations.

Mainly it discusses how to implement parallel message delivery in a Pub/Sub broker while keeping the partial order of events. Slides are given below.

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