Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Introduction to Apache Cassandra and support within WSO2 Platform

I did the following presentation at the WSO2 Data workshop last week at San Jose. Slides discuss integration with WSO2 Platform and Apache Cassandra. However, I think, it is more useful as an introduction to Cassandra. Here I am trying to discusses their column based model and explain how different it is from Columns in the Relational model. We (WSO2) have been working on integrating Cassandra with our platform. What we mean by integrating is that 
  1. We make WSO2 security model with Cassandra. Or simply put, anyone can login to Cassandra using username and password issued by WSO2 Identity Server (IS) and access Cassandra resources (key spaces, column families etc.) according to the permissions defined in WSO2 IS). 
  2. We support Multi-tenancy.  That is anyone can come to WSO2 Stratos and have their own Cassandra server and use that. You can say we offer Cassandra as a service. 
You can find the presentation from Introduction to Apache Cassandra and support within WSO2 Platform
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