Sunday, September 12, 2010

WSO2 Con Tomorrow

First WSO2 Con will be starting tomorrow, and to make things better, this is also our 5th year celebration. Refer to Sanjiva's blog to find out more about the topic. There is lot to say, but I am going to put that off for later. Let me just say that in my opinion, what we have done so far is nothing compared to the potential of next five years to come.

I will be doing a session on Doing Enterprise Business with Processes and Rules, and the abstract of the talk is given below.

Business logic describes how a business functions and how it would react to the different conditions arise within the organizations and market. They are typically carefully developed and refined, and often holds the competitive advantage of an organization. Ability to keep track and change the business logic in response to changing conditions is an invaluable assert to any agile organizations. In this talk, Srinath Perera presents Business Processes and Business Rules, which are two alternative approaches to represent and manage business logic instead of embedding them within programming logic and discuss when each of these three modes should be used within the enterprise.
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