Monday, September 20, 2010

Doing Enterprise Business with Processes & Rules

Following is the slides for my WSO2Con talk.

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Niroshan Hewakoparage said...

I Like the slide which says that a computer is good but it needs to be told what to be done :-)

Its interesting to see how things evolve over time. I remember in 2001 I developed a forward chained rules engine with limited WSFL support(before BPEL came in). One client loved it, he told me
"I have all my business rules in my head, and I know how to apply them to cases(This was debt collection, so they deal with cases), I was happily doing it when the business was small. Now I have a bigger business and hundreds of case handlers(employees). The problem is they never apply the rules that I would have applied , not consistant and big training cost.
With automated rules I can replicate what I did 10 years ago in a mass scale"