Wednesday, October 6, 2010

NBQSA 2010 - Overall Gold award goes to WSO2 ESB

Copied from Ruwan's Blog, NBQSA 2010 - Overall Gold award goes to WSO2 ESB: "

NBQSA (National Best Quality Software Award) is an annual award ceremony held in Sri Lanka to evaluate and award the Software developedin the country. This is hosted by BCSSL (British Computer Society - Sri Lanka)

WSO2 marketing team decided to submit 3 of our products to this award evaluation, it was just few days we had to prepare for this presentation. I initially objected to submitting WSO2 ESB (the product that I am responsible of in WSO2) for this so quickly, as my intention was to win the first price if we are to submit. Kushlani from our marketing team together with Asanka has been driving this and motivated us a lot to submit for this.

Well, we spent few hours and Miyuru, Kasun and few others get together with me and prepared a plan to execute with a presentation script and demonstration. Miyuru did the first round
presentation and we got through to the second round easily. Hiranya took it over and we delivered the second presentation, to which we got a very good response from the judges.

Then, we were waiting to see the results and we had to app
arently wait till, day before yesterday (1st of October 2010) for that.

From WSo2 8 of us got invited and we all went on time with a lot of enthusiasm as all 3 of our products were on the wining cycle. The award ceremony got started and the first
to get an award from the 3 products was the WSO2 Gadget Server which got the Silver award under the RnD software category.

Then I was so waiting till the Infrastructure and Tools category to be awarded since both the WSO2 Data Services and WSO2 ESB was on that category.

They had only 2 awards on that category and one Bronze and a Gold. When it is announced that WSO2 DS as the bronze award I knew that ESB is getting the Gold award. I was not that excited, to be frank, I sort of knew that we are going to get it on our category :-) I was expecting the overall gold award. ;-)

Then they came to announcing the final overall awards, before which they have given out some special awards, but ESB was no where on those special awards. I was waitin
g and waiting and waiting... so does all of us from WSO2.

Finally they have announced the Bronze and Silver awards and those are the folks who won some special awards and I was 90% sure about my expectation now. And they finally announced WSo2 ESB as the Overall Gold winner at NBQSA 2010. I was so excited to accept the best award on that ceremony as the product manager of WSO2 ESB. I got down from the stage holding the most valuable award of the nite as the most proud man on that nite, though I must say that this price is for the whole WSO2 team including the past members of our team.

All of us who participated for the event from Left, Samisa, Asanka, Kushlani, Miyuru (holding the Gadget Server silver award), Me (holding the overall gold for ESB), Hiranya (holding the ESB Gold award on Infrastructure and Tools category), Sumedha (holding Data Service Server bronze award) and Azeez.

Now we are about to head towards APICTA in next week at Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Will update on that as well. :-)


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