Tuesday, December 16, 2014

ICTER 2014 Invited Talk: Large Scale Data Processing in the Real World: from Analytics to Predictions

Last week I did an invited talk at ICTER 2015 conference in colombo, discussing "Big Data", and following are the slides.



Large scale data processing analyses and makes sense of large amounts of data. Although the field itself is not new, it is finding many usecases under the theme "Bigdata" where Google itself, IBM Watson, and Google's Driverless car are some of success stories. Spanning many fields, Large scale data processing brings together technologies like Distributed Systems, Machine Learning, Statistics, and Internet of Things together. It is a multi-billion-dollar industry including use cases like targeted advertising, fraud detection, product recommendations, and market surveys. With new technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), these use cases are expanding to scenarios like Smart Cities, Smart health, and Smart Agriculture. Some usecases like Urban Planning can be slow, which is done in batch mode, while others like stock markets need results within Milliseconds, which are done in streaming fashion. There are different technologies for each case: MapReduce for batch processing and Complex Event Processing and Stream Processing for real-time usecases. Furthermore, the type of analysis range from basic statistics like mean to complicated prediction models based on machine Learning. In this talk, we will discuss data processing landscape: concepts, usecases, technologies and open questions while drawing examples from real world scenarios.

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